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Askøy Soneterapi

Soneterapeut / Muskelterapeut Cecilie Sannes Tlf. 93 41 06 94

Askøy Reflexology

-turned by Sonet therapist and Muscle therapist Cecilie Sannes.

We are located in bright cozy treatment rooms both at Askøy v / Fromritoppen center and in Bergen v / Helsesenteret in Bergen (formerly Akinon center).

I have my education from the Institute of Comprehensive Medicine. I have extensive experience with many client treatments behind me, and I am approved by the NNH / Norwegian Natural Therapists' Main Organization, which ensures serious trained therapists with confidentiality and liability insurance.

Opening hours:

Dep. Askøy:

Fromritoppen Senter, 5314 Kjerrgarden

Man, Wed and Thurs.

Dep. Bergen:

Bergen Health Center,

sverres gt.33, 5010 Bergen

Tue and Fred

For more information or to book an appointment, you are welcome to contact us

Tel / sms. 93 41 06 94